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Transaction Support

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Deciding where to place your bets will determine success or failure. 

Corporate Transactions allow you to make rapid changes to your capability. Whether you are looking to acquire or dispose of a business operation, or strategically reconfigure your capability through outsourcing a function, a careful evaluation and execution of the process is critical.

When you are buying, there are three critical factors to consider

Ensuring the proposed added capability or scope is complementary with your current business: operations, culture, channels, clients, product offerings and human capital.

Developing and executing a comprehensive integration plan will ensure that you can unlock the value you have acquired. 

Pricing is critical - ensuring you pay only for the value you are acquiring while retaining the incremental value-add you will unlock for yourself.

When you are selling or outsourcing, proper preparation will maximize the value received.

Comparing the time-to-value of Run against Exit will disclose the optimal business units to retain and invest in, and those to exit or outsource 

Understanding the true market value of your operations and creating a well-managed and active market interest will maximize your result

Explaining the benefits of the proposed transaction to your key stakeholders, including employees, clients, suppliers and investors,  will help retain the value in your organization.   

Systematic Negotiation

Using structured and analytical negotiation techniques, Zapfel Group will help you maximize the outcome of your transaction.

Increase Value Available

Explore options that allow both parties to optimize the value unlocked by the transaction

Maximize ​Value Retained


Explore alternatives and leverage power to ensure you obtain a fair share of the value created

Get in Touch: Transaction Support Practice Leaders

Paul Abel

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Festa

Restructuring and Turnaround Practice Leader

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