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Analytics and Personalization


Digital customer engagement opens the door for a great amount of opportunity to organizations agile enough to leverage them.  

The correct gathering and analysis of data provides insights into each customer's buying preferences, allowing businesses to offer tailored marketing engagements and see greater success.

Organizations that use personalization improve customer satisfaction, sales conversions, and marketing ROI.

  • Retail survival will require organizations to have targeted marketing and communications in relevant channels that yield positive returns

  • This necessitates a personalization strategy: tailoring a service or product to accommodate specific individuals

Effective analytics is a practice that combines judgement, common sense, and business understanding.

This combination allows organizations to gain real meaning from information that can then be used to inform the business. It is more than just mining data or developing statistical models. We help teams streamline and organize their work so that businesses can glean the insights needed to achieve goals. 

Projects typically leveraged to help clients include:

Analytic Roadmaps

Used to organize and prioritize projects. Assess final analysis or research deliverables to ensure they are meaningful to all interested stakeholders. 

Project Design

More important than the actual statistics is designing the project to get the clearcut answers needed to address the business problem. 

Training for internal analysts on Project Design included. 

Measurement Frameworks

Used to organize and define what a company's KPIs should be in order to accurately assess company performance. 

Report and Dashboard recommendation included.

Fact-Based Strategy Development

Used to leverage analytics and consumer research already available. Help an organization design the projects needed to determine what strategic initiatives to focus on.

Get in Touch: Analytics & Personalization Practice Leaders

Amy Anderson

Digital Transformation and Analytics Practice Leader

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