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Balance Sheet Optimization

Business Meeting

Change is an ever-present and accelerating reality

We will be living in a different world in 9 months and another different world in 18 months  Companies will either adapt and survive or fail.  We will also see the emergence of entirely new industries. 

Two factors will make the difference between survival and not:

1. Successful navigation of the support being provided by the Federal US Government

2. The agility and skill to adapt to this new unfamiliar world

The first and most pressing action required is balancing cash outflows  and inflows. 

Optimizing and managing the assets and liabilities on your balance sheet will be critical to your cash-flows and to your survival.  Our Optimization Services will help you address:


Secured and unsecured loans and other debt obligations


Annuity cash-flows

Federal stimulus support programs

Intellectual Property

Get in Touch: Optimization Practice Leaders

Paul Abel

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Festa

Restructuring and Turnaround Practice Leader

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