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Business Consulting


Zapfel Group helps our clients solve their critical issues, both large and small.


We provide strategic and discrete services to CEOs as they plan and execute challenging high value-generating changes to their services businesses.

We also support CIOs with program and organizational optimization, as surmounting technology-enabled challenges and opportunities become increasingly synonymous with business success.

Interim Management & Mentor Leadership Teams

Interim Management & Mentor Leadership Teams

Provide short-term Interim Management to focus on and implement organizational changes and transitions:

  • Adjacent Business Establishment and Growth

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin-Outs and Divestments

  • Business Turnaround and Restructuring

  • Profit Optimization and Cost Reduction

Coach C-suite executives and their direct reports to:

  • Improve internal communication and listening skills

  • Speak at investor meetings and quarterly earnings calls

  • Prepare updates for Board of Directors

  • Improve morale by sharing exciting visions of the future for their teams and partners

Train Team on the "Eight Traits of Great Leaders"

Improve Operational Performanc

Drive revenue to improve profitability

  • Assess and remediate pricing profitability opportunities

  • Increase client retention rates through targeted initiatives

  • Drive incremental revenue growth through cross-selling 

  • Leverage strong references to increase new client capture

Create a client focused organization

  • Increase client satisfaction and retention

  • Build management systems centered around client metrics

  • Ensure internal rewards and recognition systems are aligned

Ensure Efficient Internal Operations

  • Re-engineer processes for cost and quality objectives

  • Leverage delivery location and automation opportunities

  • Reduce structural overhead

  • Drive and align delegation and accountability

Improve Operational Performance

Learn how we can help you 

Service Provider Optimization

Service Provider Optimization

Structure outsourcing relationships for success

  • What to outsource and what to retain

  • Ensure appropriate separation of responsibilities between Client and Provider

    • IT infrastructure

    • Cloud provisioning

    • Application development and maintenance

    • Business process services (HR, Finance, Accounting, Customer Care)

  • Assess Provider ability to deliver as proposed

Manage service providers to ensure full value realization

  • Build internal management system

  • Put appropriate governance processes in place with provider(s)

  • Train leaders on working with Providers

  • Assist Providers as necessary to deliver as promised

  • Provider termination and transition/in-source as appropriate

Spin off business units into standalone public entities or divestments to maximize shareholder value

  • Assess areas where market value would be optimized when a business unit is separated from the parent corporation

  • Develop plan that ensures leadership and talent retention during evaluation and transition period

  • Build client communication and delivery model that maximizes client retention

Select and integrate acquisitions to achieve targeted business case returns

  • Assess tuck-in acquisition targets to expand portfolio

  • Manage integration process to ensure client retention and growth modeled in business case

  • Ensure retention of key leaders and subject matter depth from acquired firm

Create / Grow financing subsidiary to enable parent growth

  • Align financing subsidiary with parent on key success metrics

  • Manage credit process to ensure acceptable returns

  • Build sales capability to differentiate in the marketplace

Optimize Business Structure

Optimize Business Structure
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