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David Hamilton



Healthcare Practice Lead

Federal, State and Local Health Business Leader and Executive

David Hamilton is a veteran healthcare leader, with serial success in the services and digital industries space.  Over the last ten plus years, he has taken on some of the largest challenges in the market and delivered consistent results. He is an industry-recognized leader in the Healthcare sector, advising private equity firms based on his leadership experience at DXC, Xerox and others.   He has concluded health and human services projects on five continents in clinical delivery systems, scientific, administrative and healthcare financing systems with technology, commercial market, not-for-profit and government leaders.

His leadership philosophy starts with an edge to action and a compass for the voice of the customer.  David believes organizations and people do not do well when stuck with subpar performance on any dimension – clinical, quality, customer experience, operational or financial – and drives positive change.

David received a B.S. from Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire and is a Fellow in the AHIP sponsored Academy of Healthcare Management (FAHM).  He is a frequent speaker at healthcare, services and technology industry conferences and workshops such as HIMSS, CHIME, MESC, WEDI and AHIP.    David lives on the road with his clients, teams and prospects and, when not in the air, spends all the time he can in Sarasota. 

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