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Founder's Perspective

It's exciting to officially launch our firm, the Zapfel Group.


I had been speaking as a keynote at industry and investor events, as well as consulting personally with large firms. Those engagements made it clear, pre-pandemic, that companies were looking for help to achieve their growth objectives.  Combined with my view that some of the talented experts I'd worked closely with might be ready for a new challenge, the time seemed right to build a team and create the firm.


One early decision was the firm name.  Group is the key word.


Another was the logo, with the upward sloping arrow inside the Z signifying the improved revenue, profit, customer satisfaction and/or talent results we will help our clients achieve.


Then the world was hit with Covid-19.  For many institutions, the need to create and crisply execute the survival plan became paramount, as you can't thrive if you don't survive.  Our group can help. We are ready.


Paul, Amy, Mike, Rob and David bring great subject matter expertise and strategic insight.  They are not just smart, they are easy to work with and leaders you can count on to deliver.  I'm proud to have them on the team.


We're excited to engage in situations where we can really make a difference. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and contribute to your success.  

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